TUSC Videos Showcase Digital Collections

Tulane University Libraries is producing an ongoing video series, Collection Connection, on the library’s YouTube channel. Each episode focuses on a different TUSC collection available online within the Tulane University Digital Library, such as the Carnival Collection, the Tulane University Archives Historical Collection, and the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Collection.

Begun at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when travel halted, the Tulane University campus closed, and staff began working from home, the series promotes collections that patrons can easily access online. It also allowed library staff then working from home to produce creative library outreach projects for patron use using minimal resources.

The videos are a collaboration between two library departments, Tulane University Special Collections (TUSC) and Digital Scholarship and Initiatives (DSI). Alan Velasquez, the library’s Unit Coordinator for Digital Scholarship & Initiatives, is the series’ video editor. Velasquez uses a script, narration, and images provided by Special Collectors curators as a jumping off point for his own research into the video’s subject. In addition to additional images that he might discover, Velasquez incorporates animations, titles, transitions, graphics, royalty-free background music, and his own artistic sensibility to create fluid, charming videos that are lively, engaging, and informative.

Nine episodes are currently available, and they have generated over 4,100 views and more than 82 hours of watch time (notable since no video is longer than three minutes) on YouTube, more than doubling over the last six months. Please check back often for new additions to the series.


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