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LaRC books-- the fiction of Rhodesia Jackson

In her Pecan Candy trilogy, Rhodesia Jackson narrates the life-changing experiences of young Peggy Lavizzo of Orleans Avenue, as she falls in love and marries architect Clint Johnston.Although both native New Orleanian African-Americans, the two characters are very different in socio-economic background and circumstances, age, family, skin color, education, life experience, religion, and point of view.

Pecan candy & huck-a-bucks / by Rhodesia Jackson.2nd ed.New Orleans, LA : Orgena Enterprises, c1995. PS 3560 .A24197 P4 1995 LACOLL (also in a Kindle ed. From
Sweeter than candy / Rhodesia Jackson.1st ed.New Orleans, LA : Orgena, c1997. PS 3560 .A24197 S92 1997 LACOLL
Three times sweeter, love, home & family / Rhodesia Jackson.1st ed.New Orleans, LA : Orgena Enterprises Ltd., c2000. [pre-order process in LaRC]
Yes, there’s candy-making, mini-snowballs, delicious aromatic food, music, sensual situations, romantic and family love, shopping, generosity, babies, adorable ch…