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Selling Products and Politicians

LaRC Manuscripts Collection 929 is the Radlauer and Caire Advertising Agency records, 1947-1969.  This collection is quite unusual in that the records are not primarily related to the finances or daily business dealings of the company.  Instead, it’s composed of samples of finished advertising artwork and printed items of various types, including posters, leaflets, politicians’ custom stationery, a 1962 banquet program and menu, newspaper sections and clippings, newsletters, and political ephemera supporting campaigns and causes of the era.   The ad agency worked simultaneously during the 1940s-1960s for both types of clients—those wanting to publicize products, and those running for public office.     Louisiana political figures represented in this collection include Hale Boggs, Sam Jones, Russell Long, Victor Schiro, Charles Zatarain, Preston Battistella, and many others.   A few of the commercial clients are Autin Packing Co., Camelot Motor Inn, Corsair Ties, Delta Tank, Fos

Nathan Cohen papers

Archival collections created within the last hundred years are often especially appreciated by present-day researchers, as they may contain the personally selected daily-life papers, family photographs, and other mementos of recent lifetimes, set in a recognizable time and place.  Manuscripts Collection 915 in the Louisiana Research Collection, the Nathan Cohen Papers ,  provides rich insight into twentieth-century New Orleans. Nathan Simon Cohen (1931-1993), usually called Nate Cohen, was a New Orleans journalist, sportswriter, and public relations writer. He was affiliated with the Tulane Hullabaloo , the Times-Picayune , the West Bank Guide , and the New Orleans Recreation Dept. (NORD). As sports publicity director for NORD in the early 1980s, Nate Cohen wrote a newsletter, Say What! , to publicize local youth events such as the annual Louis Armstrong birthday party. He was active in Congregation Beth Israel and the B'nai B'rith Youth Council of New Orleans. Incl