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American soldiers' writings

To honor American soldiers and veterans of all generations, the following is a sample listing of LaRC archival collections which include original soldiers' writings, in their letters or in diaries.  Several represented here spent time as prisoners of war on American soil. Some died during military service, while others lived long celebrated lives.

de Marigny family papers, 1736-1917. Manuscripts Collection 416 
Smith and Pullen families papers, 1772-1872. Manuscripts Collection 958 
John W. Labouisse papers, 1779-1921 (bulk 1856-1869). Manuscripts Collection 614 
Ogden, Murdock, and Cox families papers, 1794-1990. Manuscripts Collection 400 
Ker and Texada families papers, 1813-1922. Manuscripts Collection 545 
Everett family papers, 1818-1955. Manuscripts Collection 79 
Pritchett and Larose families papers, 1819-1973 (bulk 1860s-1880s). Manuscripts Collection 916
Stibbs family papers, 1819-1990s (bulk 1859-1866). Manuscripts Collection 246 
John M. Galbraith papers, 1835-1955. Manuscripts Collecti…