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Artful touring along the River

J.P. Depot - Steamboat lndg -  S.S. Louisiana – S.S. Comus – Sugar Refiner – 2 nd . Dist. Ferry – Jackson Brewery. New Orleans from Barracks St. and River looking up.      The Richard L. Brown Photograph Collection (LaRC Manuscripts Collection 787) consists of two groupings of photographs, 1901-1921.   The first is a bound album presented by Mary and Eugene H. Park to Captain Benjamin Michael, to thank him for the Mississippi River boat trip they had taken in 1901.   It features photographs from the tour, presumably mostly by Mr. Park, of ships, landscapes, people, fish, and animals, also adding several 1902 New Orleans scenes, such as Canal Street during the car strike, and another at Mardi Gras time.   The second part of the one-box archival collection is a grouping of photographs, perhaps created by different photographers, depicting scenes in a variety of American cities including Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Boston as well as New Orleans.   These were collected by Rich