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Did you  know that LaRC serves as the Archives for the Jewish community of the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area?
This article discusses some of our holdings, and a partial guide to our extensive archival holdings pertaining to the local Jewish community is available here.

The image, by photographer Paula Burch-Celentano, is of the New Orleans Holocaust Memorial. LaRC preserves the records of the memorial.
LaRC featured in the Advocate
Yesterday (January 21, 2018), LaRC was the lead story in the features section of the New Orleans Advocate. Did you see it? If not, you can also read it on the Advocate's website.

A Look at Carnival’s ‘Golden Age’: World’s Largest Collection of Pre-WWII Carnival Designs
Leon Miller, head of the Louisiana Research Collection, gives FOX8 a peek at LaRC's Carnival Collection showing how the creativity of Carnival has spanned generations.

See the video and full article here.
LaRC holds piece of cotton history
Two 150-year-old maps detailing the location of New Orleans cotton presses in 1860 have been given new life thanks to the fast thinking of Leon Miller, head of the Louisiana Research Collection at Tulane Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.

[Note: This article by Alicia Jasmin ( is from today's New Waveand appeared first in the December 2017 issue of Tulane magazine.]

Miller believes that the maps are the only existing ones of the Cotton Press District at that time. In the cotton manufacturing process, raw cotton was ginned of its seeds, and then formed into uniform bales for shipping and marketing.

In 2009, these maps were set to be discarded after they began to crumble as a result of the aging paper’s acidic breakdown. In fact, Miller said the maps were already in a trash can when he found them. But he could not stand to see the historic maps tossed out.

“While copies may exist in private hands, we believe these may be th…
If you're looking for something very special to do, see the newest exhibit at NOMA, which features selections from LaRC's carnival collection!