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New exhibit on the Jewish experience in Louisiana

The Southern Jewish Historical Society met in Jones Hall earlier this month. In honor of the meeting, the Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) created an exhibit highlighting its holdings pertaining to the Jewish experience in Louisiana. The exhibit will be up through December and I’d like to invite everyone to drop by and see it. Documenting the Louisiana Jewish experience is a special mission of LaRC. We serve as the official archives for most of the local temples, congregations, and synagogues. We also preserve the records of many area Jewish social welfare organizations, such as the Jewish Federation, the Jewish Children’s Home, and the Communal Hebrew School. For the exhibit, Eira Tansey selected more than one hundred items from a wide range of our holdings. Among the materials on display are nineteenth-century marriage records in Hebrew from Touro Synagogue, a program from when Dr. Ralph Bunche spoke at Temple Sinai in 1949 in one of the city’s first integrated lect