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Orleans goes wild!

Claire Strauss was a student at Sophie B. Wright High School in New Orleans, during the nineteen-teens.   Her scrapbook of high school life is part of the Claire Strauss Meyer Papers, 1909-1920s, LaRC Manuscripts Collection 870.   Alongside invitations to baby showers and school papers, she kept memorabilia of the times relating to America’s involvement in World War I.

This young girl’s unusual scrapbook includes mounted and loose papers and other objects such as numerous formal photographs, handwritten correspondence, drawings, dried pieces of plants and flowers and other keepsakes, a small mirror, a fur sample, wood samples, crystals from chemistry class, report cards, a prayer card from the Religious School of Congregation Temple Sinai, a spoon, a certificate, postcards, advertisements, World War I era buttons and patches, ribbons, flags, newspaper clippings and other small locally printed items, an invitation and program of her June 12, 1919, graduation ceremony, and high school …