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Vatican Volunteers

The twentieth-century World’s Fair in New Orleans had its troubles, but it was certainly enjoyed by many visitors and local residents from May 12-Nov. 11, 1984.   Some of the buildings constructed for the event still stand and have been used for various purposes since that time.  A number of books about the 1984 World’s Fair are held in the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.  One of the highlights of the fair was the New Orleans Vatican Pavilion with its memorable fine art exhibition; its official catalog was published as Treasures of the Vatican , which is in LaRC with the call number: N 6920 .T7 1984 LACOLL. The Vatican Pavilion was a 15,000 square foot building located on the eighty-acre site of the Louisiana World Exposition, held in downtown New Orleans. The art exhibit within the Pavilion was jointly sponsored by the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the New Orleans Museum of Art.  It included religiously-themed works by the artists Caravaggio, Raphael, El Greco, Giotto, Matis

Rising Tide 8 -- Sat. Sept. 14

Rising Tide is an annual conference devoted to the future of New Orleans.     Having recently reached the 8 th anniversary of Katrina, it’s time for the 8 th Rising Tide .      It’s being held this coming Saturday, September 14th, at Xavier University. This year’s schedule: Keynote: Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore. Panel: Creating Community for Writers of Color: MelaNated Writers Collective.      Moderator: Jarvis Q. DeBerry; Panelists: jewel bush, David Thaddeus Baker, Kelly Harris and Gian Smith. Panel: Beyond Tourism / Beyond Recovery.      Moderator: Charles Maldonado; Panelists: Kevin Fox Gotham, Ph.D., Brice Miller, Meg Lousteau, Robin Keegan, and Mark Romig. Panel: Charter School Access & Accountability.      Moderator: Scott Sternberg; Panelists: Steve Beatty, Jaimme Collins, Marta Jewson, and Aesha Rasheed. Second Stage: Tech School.      Panels:   Working With Bloggers; Personal Branding; Using Visual Tools in Online Promotion; Content Mar