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Knolle family papers

LaRC Manuscripts Collection 370, Knolle family papers, 1892-1971, contains personal papers of members of the Knolle family and allied families of New Orleans.  Items in the collection are a sample of keepsakes such as handwritten correspondence, post cards, greeting cards, certificates, school papers, programs, a banquet menu, receipts, poems, essays, tickets, invitations, autographs of school friends, calling cards and other items of social ephemera, ribbons, medals, a small red sock (probably a party favor rather than an article of personal clothing), scrapbooks, baby books, numerous family photographs and negatives, several carved linoleum blocks and prints, newspaper clippings and other printed items. Families represented in this collection include Knolle, Friedrichs, Oehmichen, and Kunz. The Knolle and Friedrichs families became allied with the early twentieth-century marriage of Dr. Wilkes Adams Knolle (1894-1971) and Helene Oehmichen Friedrichs Knolle (

Memory Market

New Orleans and the surrounding areas have been damaged by many hurricanes through the years.  On the first day of hurricane season 2016, we make plans and hope for a calm season. In late September 1915, a hurricane caused massive flooding in New Orleans.   LaRC Manuscripts Collection 345 (Olga Hartmann photograph collection) holds numerous images of the storm's destruction to the city.   In 1973, Ms. Hartmann (1913-1975), a lifelong resident of New Orleans, recognized the historical significance of these photographs and donated them to Tulane University.  Two of the photographs were signed and named by her father, John F. Hartmann (1890-1967); presumably he was the photographer of many or all in this collection. Other subjects represented in this amazing small collection are winter landscapes, Audubon Park, and New Orleans Carnival. Captions: verso of top photograph: Day after 1915 Storm on Tulane Ave. in front of "Memory Market."  Olga Hartmann photograph co