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Fedoroff family papers, 1917-1961.


Political ephemera of the present day

Please see this morning's New Wave article, "The Insider: Wait, don't discard political flyers!" Louisiana Research Collection Head, Leon Miller, requests your help in building the collection.
Some of the junk mail you receive at home, or pick up from your front yard, might actually be fascinating and valuable to future researchers. You will make this discovery possible if you save these political advertisements and other locally-produced printed items and donate them to the Louisiana Research Collection.
The political ephemera collection is accessible in the Schiro Reading Room, and is organized by subject matter and then group or individual names. To get started in a search for interesting items in this large collection, use the online listing of folder names in the ephemera file. From the LaRC web site, select Ephemera. Or simply visit our reading room, to get a sense of the types of materials being preserved in this collection.

Caption: a sample ballot…