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New self-service scanner in the Special Collections Reading Room

Our library has purchased a “Bookeye4 Color V-Cradle Planetary Scanner” for researchers’ use in the Special Collections Reading Room. This is an overhead digital camera, with the option of a large cradled or flat surface below, and has many important advantages over photocopiers. It’s convenient for capuring color images for later consultation in personal research; this process of photographing fragile books, ephemera, and archival items is better in terms of their preservation; and also, it’s more environmentally friendly, because it does not require paper or toner. We’re happy to help researchers get started, but the self-service scanner is quite simple to use, and has been very well-received with those who have already made scans of the many types of Special Collections holdings which are accessible through our reading room in Jones Hall, Room 202. Scanned images may be saved to a USB flash drive, or e-mailed directly from the scanner. We recommend that researchers who int