For reseachers from around the world, summertime is research time.

With eleven researchers, LaRC has a full house today. Many people think our activity is slower in the summer, but actually it's one of our busiest times because many researchers are freer in the summer to travel for their research projects. This week LaRC has welcomed researchers from Baton Rouge, Berkeley, Berlin, Boston, Chapel Hill, Cleveland, Fargo, Fort Worth, Hammond, Metairie, New York, Quebec, and Slidell, and it’s only Wednesday. They are mining LaRC’s holdings for research in fields as diverse as African American Studies, anthropology, architecture, art, carnival, education, gender, law, LGBTQ, preservation, public health, sociology, and Women’s Studies. 

By the way, the painting at the front of the room is the largest known A.J. Drysdale. It was painted in 1930 for the walls of a residential dining room.


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