Tenth anniversary of Katrina

LaRC announces Katrina 2015 project
In remembrance of the ten-year anniversary of Katrina, the Louisiana Research Collection is acquiring and permanently preserving pamphlets, flyers, scrapbooks, diaries, letters, and the personal accounts of people who experienced the disaster.

Katrina was an extraordinary historical event endured by a broad range of everyday people, as well as their families and friends whose lives were affected by the Katrina diaspora for years afterward. Please help us ensure that their experiences are not forgotten.

The first such donation was made this summer by LaRC Archives Catalog Librarian Susanna Powers, now available as LaRC Manuscripts Collection 1085, detailing her experience of the storm itself from inside the Louisiana Superdome, and personal and family events of subsequent months. If you have similar personal accounts, or brochures, forms, and flyers relating to the disaster, please let us help you permanently preserve them for future generations.

For more information or to donate materials, please contact LaRC Department Head, Leon Miller, 504-314-7833.

Listen to Lee Miller in The Green Room: Collecting Katrina ephemera, by Kathryn Hobgood, in the New Wave, Aug. 13, 2015.

To learn about Hurricane Katrina, see the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library research guide to Katrina resources.  

Many of the books located in LaRC have another copy in the Howard-Tilton stacks ...  there are also numerous books and other items on Katrina which are only in the main Howard-Tilton building.   This broader search, which will also include holdings in Jones Hall, is done by performing an advanced catalog search for the subject keyword phrase "Hurricane Katrina, 2005".  


  1. Pretty sure you have both Carry Me Home and a Howling in the Wires. If not, let me know.

    1. Dear Mark, Thanks very much-- yes, we do certainly have those two books and they've been featured here in this blog (search Folse in upper left search box) and I've made a Katrina post here each August. We will also be interested in collecting your poetry and fiction as the works appear. The usual way that archival collections are collected is by waiting, but Katrina is an exception as it touched every life across the board, and a lot of us are still here. best wishes, Susanna


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