Gulf of Mexico oil disaster research guides and other resources

To access sources of information about the BP oil spill in the Gulf, please see the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library's Earth & Environmental Sciences Research Guide, as well as the 2010 Gulf Oil Drilling Incident Timeline, by Tulane's Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, and the Tulane Oil Spill Response web site. Additional relevant links have been provided by the Rudolph Matas Library Reference Dept. in the Disaster Management guide, Louisiana Oil Spill Disaster, May 2010-

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is participating in Tulane's program to donate clean t-shirts to the oil-spill cleanup workers. Donna Capelle Cook, Director of Technical Services, has made arrangements for setting up donation boxes, which are located in several places in the main library building. The donated t-shirts will be picked up daily and taken to the Tulane Cancer Center, where the program is being managed. For more information about this project, see the June 22 issue of the New Wave .

See President Obama's weekly address, June 4, 2010, speaking from Grand Isle, Louisiana, on the BP oil spill. Also, here is information and video of his Oval Office address on the BP oil spill, on June 15, 2010.

Posted by Susanna Powers


  1. Hi, one of the librarians I work with at UCLA passed this website around yesterday. It's a Google Earth map application that lets you see the size of the spill in the Gulf, and you can compare the size of the spill to various metropolitan areas on the map. Thought you all might like to see it (Google Earth installation not required):

    Chris Salvano

  2. Hi Chris, Thanks very much for this Google map application, showing the relative size of the oil spill. If only they could seal the cap better on top of the well, then "cleanup" efforts will be more productive. We appreciate your comment, Susanna Powers, LaRC, Tulane


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