Ken Owen contribution # 267 (among many)

Louisiana specialist Ken Owen is retiring from the Louisiana Research Collection at the end of this month. We are highlighting some of his (many) contributions over the next couple of weeks. -Eira Tansey

In a state internationally renowned for the poetic depth and sheer imaginative sweep of its political corruption, state inspector general’s reports carry a special significance. Ken Owen began collecting those reports for the New Orleans metro region ten years ago and the Louisiana Research Collection now has an almost complete collection for our part of the state.

Where can a researcher find an index to those reports? Not at the State Archives. Not even at the State Inspector General’s office. The only index to state inspector general’s reports exists at the Louisiana Research Collection; and, that index has been available to researchers online for several years, thanks to Ken Owen.

To learn more about state inspector generals reports and to view the online index, click here.

Written by Lee Miller


  1. One of Ken's contributions to Tulane Special Collections has been his ability to start up conversations with virtually anyone coming into the reading room, with the aim of helping them learn about Louisiana. I certainly appreciate his support and friendship, and wish him success and happiness in the future. Susanna Powers, LaRC


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